I definitely have the potential to hoard so I try to control my collecting with restrictions

Only 1 bookshelf of books and magazines 

Cheap or free materials

Collect just what you can use

I think too much can be overwhelming and stunts my process, like my work I believe less is more

Use as few elements as possible to create a piece cut away the unnecessary noise, trim the fat

I get my materials from charity shops flea markets and what people leave out on the street

Travel and leisure magazines photography annuals books of landscapes and people

I love materials from the 60s and 70s 

A dream like era before my time

Postcard images with little people dressed in brightly coloured clothes color halftones

Pages that smell dusty

I leaf through books and magazines till an image catches my eye or a narrative forms in my head

Cut the image out

Try to pair it with another piece of paper see what kind of conversation they have together

I play around with compositions

Different colours, size and shapes

Blue, red, yellow, green 

Big and small

Cut away some more paper

I think its done or if not

Colour paper on the left

Cut out images on the right

Maybe later they will want to chat